Saturday, December 12, 2009


It is with some sense of regret that I declare that I am hanging up my NWN2 modding boots, most likely permanently. With Dragon Age: Origins released, I'm planning to switch to using its toolset in order to produce future work. While I've enjoyed NWN2 and there is some half-finished work I'd love to complete, it seems that is has a dwindling player base, which means that my modding efforts might be best expended elsewhere. My sincere apologies to all those who were interested in what I have been working on.

If modding were a job and not a hobby, things might be different... I'd love to come back and complete my NWN2 projects, but I can see myself spending several hundreds of hours (again) attempting to create a really high quality module. And if I'm going to try and find several hours each day to work on modding projects, I'd prefer for that effort to produce a work that might be seen and played by thousands as opposed to hundreds.

As a result, I feel like I should say farewell to this blog, and move to a new home that will be more inclusive of my future work. So from now on, will be my new modding home - though it will likely be more than simply DA:O modding (or even just modding).

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those who have provided support, encouragement and criticism on my previous work. I am grateful for all the feedback and advice I have received and hope to use it to make my work better.

I hope that some of you will take an interest in my future work. Rest assured that I will working my hardest to deliver enjoyable creations.


Wyrin said...

sad news to see you leave NWN2 but good o hear you're still around

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Oh .... :(

I cannot help but feel sad about losing a fellow D&D modder.

I can understand the exact reasons why you are moving to DA though. Knowing your work will attract more viewers is definitely a draw.

That said, my own commitment is to my surviving PnP D&D player to whom I said I would try to finish the campaign one way or another .. and it requires the D&D rule setting that also offers MP support ... hence NWN2.

I still hope to play your mod in the future, so it should (if all goes to plan) have at least one more player. :) Hopefully, you will still like to follow my own module and even play that when it finally gets done. ;)

Be sure to keep in touch. I will look at you new blog as well.


Nacaal said...

That's just too bad :-(

good luck with your future projects anyway!

Tauschitz said...

Very sad to hear. For a number of reasons, I shan't be migrating to DA, so it is with sadness and regret that I see your leaving NWN2.

Best of luck.


AmstradHero said...

Thank you all for the support, and I'm glad you enjoyed my NWN2 work. I confess I would have loved to have done a sequel to Fate of a City, but it was a little too ambitious.

I imagine I'll still check back on NWN2 from time to time - I still think of it fondly.

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I feel very sad about losing a fellow D&D modder.Good luck for next project.

Jimmy said...

Both blogs are amazing! :) Keep it up

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