Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snippet: Allies and Enemies

Where we must be truly careful is when dealing with others who become involved in our struggles. Too often have we jumped to quick conclusions that those we face are our enemies, when they may instead be open to providing assistance. Even those races considered brainless and violent by nature can be reasoned with in the right circumstances. Not all beasts are evil, just as not all civilized races behave with courtesy.

But as nature herself demonstrates, that which can be an aid to us may also prove in an instant to become our adversary, and the serene can soon give way to torment. These things we must keep in check, and see where our allegiances should lie for each given conflict. Some may consider this to be a fickle approach, but if we ignore an imbalance of power, either good or evil, the results could be catastrophic indeed. We cannot stand by idly and let such things happen as could destroy the entire land and other treasures we have been given.

- Excerpt from "The Nature of Balance", by Storm Silverhand

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