Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snippet: The Dark Awakening

"There are many cases where dreams are the cause of the problems for deviants. This frequently makes the inmate delusional, making them believe that they have special powers or other delusions of grandeur. The gnome Tiax suffers from one of the most acute cases of this ever recorded. He has been caught out of his cell several times, each time attempt some sort of bizarre and grandiose conjuration. Fortunately, whatever clerical skills he once possessed seem to have been lost, though retrieving him from the darker bowels of the asylum has resulted in several injuries to workers.

"The most dangerous case was a deviant whose dreams were so real that they were brought to life by some strange magic. When they would awake, their dreams would carry with them and become reality within the asylum itself. The results ranged from benign cases where the individual summoned food or gems from thin air, to the final, most deadly cases where several violent beasts were summoned into their chamber. The beasts killed the deviant, and wreaked havoc within the asylum before being killed. While the loss of such and interesting subject is regrettable, I am thankful that the deviant did not dream of something more dangerous. Such strange circumstances suggest that magic may be present even in things normally considered harmless."

- Records of Spellhold Asylum

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