Monday, June 22, 2009

Snippet: Broken Adventurers

The number of adventurers lost in battle is almost equal to those lost in mysterious circumstances. Many have disappeared off the face of planes searching for treasure, an ancient relic, a deadly adversary, or simply fame and fortune. Some are found years later, blubbering shells of the adventurers they once were, tortured by some unspeakable horror or ordeal. Most consider this just another danger of an already treacherous occupation. Yet death would be kinder than the punishment delivered to these unfortunate souls, for their minds and bodies are shattered beyond redemption. Those that are still able to make coherent speech talk of an unending prison, though the only prison they seem to be held in is one created of their own mind and twisted dreams.

- Excerpt from "Dangers of the Planes" by Elminster Aumar

In other news, vote in my current poll on the left to put in your suggestion for your favorite name for this forthcoming project...


Frank Perez said...

Did I just hear someone mention the term "unspeakable horror"? And will said unspeakable horror appear in your forthcoming module? If so, I'm even more intrigued than ever. :)

San Lin said...

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