Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snippet: Relentless

Yet another danger not be trifled with is the warriors of the Githyanki. Many have fallen to their ceaseless feuds, for when one makes an enemy of their race, it is not an enemy easily lost. Their battle with the Illithid shows no end in sight, and will likely continue for as long as both races exist.

Should their ire be raised to the point of battle, they will not stop until they or their quarry is defeated, for negotiation is not an option for those deemed a foe except in extreme circumstances. Be on your guard to not offend such creatures, for they will demand penance not only for any wrong committed, but revenge for any Githyanki killed as a result.

- Excerpt from 'Volo's Brief Guide to the Planes'


Azenn said...

That area looks really nice, SB. Keep it up. Sounds like a good module. I still need to play FoAC.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi AmstradHero,

I voted "Other" as I would not dare try to suggest a name for somebody else's "baby". :)

The name should be something to help sum up the entire project that only the builder(s) can truly know.

Then again, if every one of the "names" given fits this remit, then I would go with either:

"Fates of the Fallen" or "Prison of Dreams" as they both sound alluring. ;)


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